When you have been injured at work, home, involved in a motor vehicle accident or in post-surgical recovery it is often difficult to return to work at your pre-accident capacity.  At ARC we offer occupational rehabilitation programs that take your pre-accident employment duties and translate them into a customized exercise program focused on your specific job duties. With your permission we co-ordinate with your employer or employer representative to ensure a safe return to work and to determine your physical demands of your pre-accident employment. You are assessed for your base line function at the beginning, at varying stages through your program and at discharge using our performance management system.  We are focused on outcomes and the sustainability of our results so even following discharge we will contact you to see how you are coping and if you are at your regular job or similar occupation.  Last year in 2018-2019 fiscal year our statistics showed that 90% of our patients returned to their pre-accident employment upon completion of our occupational rehabilitation program.