Successful and safe return-to-work programs are an integral component of disability management. Our multi-disciplinary assessments provide the objective evidence needed to make informed decisions regarding disability claims and to ensure opportunities for return to work and rehabilitation are identified.

A thorough evaluation of the individual’s current physical abilities will be performed, and a detailed and personalized strategy will be developed to safely and productively build the tolerances required for workplace re-entry.

In addition to functional assessments, a treatment plan may include job coaching or an ergonomic assessment at the workplace to address any barriers, as well as clinical or work site conditioning programs. The emphasis of a work conditioning program is to address positional tolerances, functional strength deficits, or deconditioning, initially through the performance of general tasks, then transitioning to those activities that mimic or simulate the work environment. The focus on job-specific skills is what differentiates a work conditioning program from other traditional rehabilitation programs. Please contact us for more information.