Our Mission
At ARC our mission is to provide person centred, performance based, quality healthcare.

What does our mission mean?
Being person centred we focus on you, our patient, and your goals, which are of the utmost importance.  Also being a person centred organization we focus on our personnel by providing them with education and training, a safe and healthy work environment and the opportunity to grow with the company. We also are very invested in our stakeholders which include our referring health professionals and third party payors. We provide educational opportunities through multiple methods so our referral sources feel confident that their patients/clients are getting the best quality healthcare.  Performance based, refers to our performance management system.  We are consistently monitoring our patient's progress through the therapy process. We are consistently establishing and meeting our own internal performance indicators to ensure quality healthcare in all aspects of the clinic. In looking at our healthcare delivery model in this way this ensures overall quality healthcare in our multidisciplinary, collaborative setting with our ultimate goal of being considered a centre of excellence in the communities we serve.

Our Culture
ARC personnel are a caring, collaborative, multidisciplinary family of health professionals and support personnel comprised of a network of individuals from different cultures, ethnicities and religious beliefs with the common mission of providing person centred,-performance based, quality health care.

Based on the current year's statistics from our performance management system using patient reported outcomes ARC has a 95% patient satisfaction rate and 99% of patients would tell a friend about ARC's services.