Advanced Rehabilitation Centres

Advanced Rehabilitation Centres (ARC), with over 180 years of combined experience, is a dedicated interdisciplinary team of 17 medical professionals that provide a complete rehabilitative experience. The ARC team is comprised of leading edge medical professionals, who demonstrate great spirit and care for the community we serve.

Our professionals include Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Certified Kinesiologists and Ergonomists that have been exposed to a wide array of rehabilitative needs and scenarios. We pride ourselves on being able to work effectively as part of a multidisciplinary medical team and providing direct, efficient communication with physicians and surgeons.

The Occupational Health Services & Ergonomics Division provides clients, insurers and workplaces with the tools for proactive disability and rehabilitation management. We offer a comprehensive array of services, including: Independent Examinations, Functional Assessments, Functional Restoration Programs, Training Seminars, Ergonomics and Health and Safety Consultations. Our goals are: injury & illness prevention, timely intervention, and safe & suitable reintegration.

ARC’s case mix is dynamic, diverse and unlike other rehabilitation clinics in the Windsor area. Our Tecumseh and Central Windsor facilities are OHIP Designated Physiotherapy Clinics that are here to serve all of your rehabilitation needs.

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